Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break

it's been a long time.

Over spring break we went to Southern California to visit Suzanna's family and to take in some sun. We spent the night at Red Rocks in Las Vegas and bouldered with a couple cool german kids we met.
We stayed with Vanessa, Bradley and Samantha for a couple days and visited the beach (it was cold) and Ikea. On thursday we went to the Getty Museum and drove up to Ruth and Rhett's. We stopped at Stoney Point, a crazy bouldering area between LA and Simi Valley. The next day was Clemens birthday and we spent the day bouldering in Malibu State Park (the planet of the apes wall) and Stoney Point with Vanessa. She is a hardwoman. That night we swam and ate white bratworst and had chocolate cake. YUM!
The drive home was long. Suzanna was sick and we drove for 12 hours straight. We got to Orem at 2 in the morning and after a great night of sleep were able to play with Burklie before she went home. We went to church with Barbara and Hagen and got back to Logan around 10:30 PM.

It has been hard to get back into the swing of things, school seems 10 times as hard to focus on. But we liked to see life beyond the college scene.

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