Friday, February 22, 2008

A little silly

I always feel a little silly when I post without a picture (a feeling of inadequacy I guess). This week was spent with me sewing up a storm and Clemens nearly finishing his book and looking up book agents. I had two baby showers in one week and since I have been less than impressed by the baby clothes that I have seen at the stores that I can afford, I decided to bust out my handy dandy sewing machine that hasn't seen light since 2006 (when I created homemade christmas presents). JoAnns offered me awesome deals on their red tag section on baby knits (in baby blue and brown heather- they are both having boys), and thanks to and LDS Humanitarian website, I got great patterns (for free) for a baby kimono and baby pants. I was all set. The first trial of the baby kimono pattern taught me that 1. I do not like, no do I know how to use bias tape, and 2. The direction of stretch of the knit is important when making little itty bitty sleaves! Swaping bias tape for ribing made out of the same fabric, and turning the pattern the two kimonos turned out SOOOO CUTE! The pants were adorable also, but I didn't have a good vision of what size they needed to be, sooo... they are whatever size they are. Again, I don't have pictures of these, sorry. The whole camera issue is to be resolved in the next month.

The first baby was for Rachel Vickers, good friend from Truckee, and the daughter of my mom's best friend. I was the first to get there and the last to leave. I figured if I was driving all the way out to Eagle Mountain, I might as well make the most of it. Embarassingly I won both the little games they played, and gave the second award to another girl who took long to leave. Kaitlyn did a great job putting the shower together, it was beautiful. I can tell she is very artistic, I will have to have her cut my hair sometime. She works at Sassy's Hair Salon in Lindon.

The second baby shower was last night for a good friend Staci, who I met through roomate and mission buddy Alexis around the same time I met Clemens. We had a fabulous time. All the Real Foods girls were there along with Staci's midwife (turned doula since she has to birth at the hospital now) and a few other new friends. It was great to see all my "hippy" friends again, I miss them being all the way up here in Salt Lake. We did, however, start a book club. Since we are all getting married (and now having children) we don't get to spend enough time together, so we are going to get together at least once a month to discuss books, food, health, babies, plants, auras, and all things spiritual. YAY! It makes me so excited!


Brad and Vanessa Tingey said...

Hey there! I am impressed on your sewing! Good Job! Give me a call.
Do you still need a camera?

C. said...

Thanks for the great pattern links!