Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yuba City

Hello from California! It has been fun being here with my family for a while. Royce has grown used to his role as Maja's uncle, he likes to be referred to as 'the unc-ster'. He is great with Maja and is my early morning babysitter as well as my jogging stroller with a built in radio (refer to later photo). My grandma has been quite sick and Maja brings sunshine wherever she is. We are glad to be of use.Grandma and her pumpkin.
I meant to get a better picture of Maja with my grandparents on a day that my grandma felt better, but it hasn't happened.
The jogging stroller with built in radio (i.e. his mouth).

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Orange Juice said...

That is so sweet. It looks like you and Maja are bringing sunshine wherever you go!! We miss you all. Take care. Call me whenever you need.