Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top 10 Childhood Health Problems Class

Dr. Paul Jensen taught a class this week at Real Foods. I was there. Word.

Some of the things I learned, that I am very appreciative of.

1. Common Cold/Flu Bug- children have worse symptoms than adults because they have stronger biological responses. Fevers- fight viruses and stimulate the immune response, you should suppress a fever only as a last resort. Monitor the fever, and it should stay not too much above 101 degrees, normally they will stay in that range. If your child gets a very high fever, it is usually due to a lack of whole food vitamin C (citrus, peppers, buckwheat- great sources). Warm baths are safer than drugs, and work well.

2. To support a Childs biologic response, they need rest, hydration, emotional support, nutritional support, and their temperature monitored.

3.Nutritional support includes: real foods diet, calcium, fat soluble vitamins (A&D, cod liver oil is great), fatty acids (butterfat, eggs, coconut oil, etc), whole food vitamin C, trace minerals.

4. Skin Problems- if acute, the body will heal on its own, if chronic, get help! It can be a manifestation of an auto-immune problem, or can be a toxic overload. Don't give drugs to suppress skin problem, it can lead to serious medical conditions, especially Asthma. Calcium and lots of water are critical for healing skin problems.

5.Allergies/Asthma- can be caused by suppressing less severe health problems. They are a symptom of a heath imbalance. Optimizing liver function if important to break vicious cycle with medications.

6. Ear infections- Antibiotics don't help. Can lead to ear drum rupture, can lead to 'glue ear', the best way to treat regular ear infections is to let it run its course. There are natural ear drop formulas to relieve pain.

7. Hyperactivity/ADD/ADHD- caused by brain malnutrition (and lack of fatty acids), can start before children are concieved. The most interesting thing is the link to neuroexcitatory toxins found in food (heat extruded grains- boxed cereal, pasta, white bread-, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, food colorings, flavor enhancers (hidden MSG)) check out
Can be helped by fatty acid supplements, natural formulas to calm body, chiropractic massage and acupuncture, and homeopathic supplements.

8. Growing pains/teething pain caused by lack of available minerals. Sickness caused by calcium being taken from immune system to growing bones/teeth. Supplement with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and fatty acids.

9. 4 causes of immune malfunctions- 1. injected vaccines 2. denatured devitalized foods 3. formula feeding 4. overuse of antibiotics.

Now, these are not the 10 that he specifically talked about, but these are things that I found interesting.

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Anna said...

Pretty interesting stuff! The one about fevers is really helpful.