Tuesday, February 03, 2009

City of Rocks

On Saturday we headed out to City of Rocks SP, New Mexico. Not to be confused with City of Rocks, Idaho. Though probably a similar purpose. We went and checked out the climbing, and were surprised to find killer camping spots. These camping spots were scattered in between the boulders and nestled up against them and huge holly trees. Definitley not Utah BLM kosher, but awesome. They also had a huge RV camper area, that was packed with rich retirees. We hung out on the other side. This is definitely a place we will come back to- maybe next weekend!

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Melissa C said...

That is so awesome! Seeing these pics reminded me of our trip with Keira out to Joe's Valley with you guys. Ryan and I miss climbing. We still need to all meet up at Red River Gorge in KY one of these days.