Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heat Wave

So, we are going through a heat wave. Record high temperatures. Today it is supposed to get up to 85 degrees F. Yesterday it was 82 degrees F. The purple leaf plums are blooming, as well as the rosemary, and this morning I believe I saw a honeysuckle blooming.

It is FEBRUARY! For goodness sake, our last frost day is supposed to be in the middle of APRIL. It is driving me crazy. Crazy, I tell you. It even coerced me into going to the nursery and buying seeds (the ones I am not buying online), and peat moss and compost.



Anna said...

We had weather like that last month, isn't it weird? I really hope we can go home to see some snow next year.

Zane and Ariane said...

We have the same problem. Houston is in the 80's. I've already started my spring planting! Here is Houston though, we love this weather. We hate the cold. I'm still hoping it won't stay this warm though because if it stays in the 80's during March, then this summer will be even more miserable!