Friday, April 10, 2009

bloggin bloggin

I just thought I would let you know, I have started to finally write on my other blog. Thanks to cutest inspiration from Stacy and her blog Hart and Sew, and finding out that Christina has another blog, I knew I needed somewhere to gather MY thoughts, things I like, and things that make me- me.

It is the name of my future company, BareRoot. It was originally going to be just my Landscape Design blog, but since I'm not working right now, and have other professional pursuits as well, I thought I would just let it be my site.


this joy you feel is life.


Stacy said...

how exciting! i'm glad you feel inspired by my blog, i can't wait to be inspired by yours!

KBH said...

Hey look who I found! I started on this whole blogging and I'm glad that your on here! Your family is beautiful!