Sunday, April 19, 2009


To all those who think Utah has bad drivers- you have never driven in New Mexico.
Yeah, it is all sunny and warm here, but people do not know how to drive here. I don't want to see what it would be like with black ice, I think there would be major pile ups and deaths on residential streets.
New Mexico has the MOST tailgaters I have ever seen in my life.
Not to mention people complaining about the red light cameras the city just put in. (They sent out over 200 citations in the first week! and people complain the city just put them in to raise money-scary!)
But, my overall favorite is the front yard parking, it is so classy.
See example below.


Anna said...

That's awesome! I have to say that California drivers aren't all that great either. 4-way stops are the worst. Either nobody goes, or everyone goes when they feel like it. Nothin like home sweet home....

D. and A. Cox said...

I scrolled down to leave a comment, and saw that I had already left one without knowing it! ;) If they're worse than Utah drivers, I applaud you for leaving the house, lol!