Friday, June 12, 2009

Toddle Toddle Toddle

The big news this week was that Maja took her first steps by herself. On the eventful day she actually walked a lot, but since then has been more cautious. She likes to walk between Clemens and I and sometimes will walk from mommy to her teddy bears.

Clemens noted yesterday, "She is a toddler. It is official. There she is walking and talking away."

This is her eating spagetti.


D. and A. Cox said...

Uh-oh, she's on the move! Now comes a whole new phase of re-baby-proofing everything, right? :) How exciting!

Mumsy said...

Toddlers are so fun! Now mom and dad get to keep up with Maja! You may not need to go to Curves anymore!!!!

Anna said...

Yay! That means a whole new phase. How fun (and messy sometimes!).