Saturday, July 11, 2009

Las Cruces Farmers Market

Sorry for the lack of pictures of produce, I wasn't shopping for produce this morning, but tomatos are in!
My favorite booth. The old man who comes with his walker, knee brace and oxygen tank to sell his handmade wooden toys. I want them all. Especially the big train.
This lady had a bunch of sewing goods and quilts for sale, and 40-50 quiet books. She had all sorts, $10 a piece. You can't find that many different kinds ANYWHERE.

New Mexico Soaps. LOVE them.

I would love to be able to buy handmade leather goods. There is just something about the smell of good leather.
Jewelry, turquoise.

The best art gallery downtown. They specialize in European classical artists, especially ones from Russia....

Local honey.
Dried chile peppers. Las Crucens are very proud of their chiles and their pecans. Period.

The Sprout Man.

Art. There are lots of artists, photographers and jewelers here that sell at the farmers market.

Beef. I want to make a big order. Maybe in a couple months.

Desert Rose, a calcite formation?

Mmmm, more pretty rocks.

The Corn Cart. This appeared a couple weeks ago. I haven't delved in, but people sure seem to like it!

Kuhn Farm. My go to place for veggies, plus they have about 100 varieties of homemade jams and jellies. I bought tomato pear jelly. It reminds me of Christmas.


ML said...

I love going to the Farmers Market to look at things. I've been half a dozen times and only ever bought something once, a necklace for my mother. I love to walk around and see the creativity, hear the music, and smell the smells. Great place.

Stacy said...

hello! its like a romper. i added a little more detailed description! thanks :)

Orange Juice said...

Horray for you Suz! That is so awesome you won on Stac's blog! Voce merece!! How are you feeling? What is new?