Thursday, August 06, 2009

To Stacy: Thank you so much!

My friend Stacy had a give away from her etsy store Hart and Sew. She has the best style and her store specializes in vintage baby and toddler clothes and new-vintage baby and toddler clothes that SHE makes! They are adorable. This is a brand new romper with tags (vintage, of course) that says 24 months. I put it on Maja to send some pictures, and it fits her perfectly (18 month size body). That is probably why it still had tags! I love it though!


Jinii said...

She is a adorable. Can't wait to see number 2!

Mumsy said...

It's always a good idea to try those new clothes on your child....ya never know....sizes are different and babies grow so fast! Maja looks adorable in the outfit!

Orange Juice said...

What a cute little girl!! That romper is ADORABLE. Good job at winning the giveaway!! We cannot wait to see you guys either...with the new little ones! So,Liv is SOO big. She says," Mom, Come here!" All demanding like!! It is too cute!