Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last week we invited Burklie and Omi down for a visit before school starts (since I am not supposed to fly- you can see why in the pictures). We had a great week, Clemens got 5 days off and we played and frolicked in the hot sun. Maja especially LOVED the visit. I don't think she has ever had so much fun at home before! Burklie and Maja bonded instantly and had lots of fun all week. Omi helped us out by making german waffles for us to freeze for after the baby comes (and kept our kitchen very clean- thank you!). We enjoyed their visit so much, we didn't want them to leave!


Orange Juice said...

That is really sweet. How fun!! WE are getting so excited foryou!! You look super cute! Horray for pregnancy! We love and miss you!

Orange Juice said...

Thanks for your comments. I am glad you understand!! It is a good thing we dont stay 9 months pregnant for the rest of our lives! That would be so hard!! Keep us posted. Any contractions yet?