Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My little flower checking out one of our pumpkins.

Daddy holding the little bird.

Does this picture remind you of something? (Completely unintentional)

Maja is ready to go!

With her bumble bee in tow.


Mumsy said...

Happy Halloween 2009! So cute. I am sure your neighbors enjoyed seeing your their cute costumes!

ML said...

They look so cute! Happy Halloween to you all!

Anna said...

Great costumes! They look so cute. I'm impressed that even little Elias had something so elaborate.

kimi + joe said...

Hi Suzanna! I just came across your blog via Liz Kesler. What a pleasant treat. Your kiddles are darling and looks like you're doing great! Hope all is well! Kim (Mihlfeith) Breault