Monday, November 30, 2009

First Advent

Advent is a holiday tradition that I heartily welcome in my home, among other German holiday traditions.

You celebrate the four Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday night you light a candle, have treats and talk about Christmas. It can be a story, a scripture or a song. It makes the season that much more enjoyable to remember the reason for Christmas, not just on Christmas, but the whole season long.

On Saturday our power went out, so we were able to light all of our candles we brought out for the holidays, burned sensitive documents and listened to Christmas music. I brought us all into the holiday spirit.

Sunday we held our first advent night and read a little Christmas book and ate gingerbread. Maja enjoyed it most of all since it was past her bed time!

This photo is from this morning, you can see our advent wreath, some Christmas decorations, and Maja reading her little Christmas books in the big girl chair (along with dirty dishes and such!)


Orange Juice said...

ooh. I like the tradition! Maja is soo cute. What a wonderful way to help keep the Christmas spirit. You are great for keeping that one! I am glad you got the gift. SORRY it took forever!! we love you

Anna said...

Cute picture. Your wreath looks lovely! Mine is a work in progress, hopefully by next week it will be in better shape.

Allie said...

We love candles in December here. In fact we eat all of our meals by candle light in December, to remember the Light of Christ.

ML said...

She is so cute sitting there reading. What a lovely tradition you have and the wreath looks great.