Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Travels

Okay, so this is one LONG photog. That's photo log of our trip to Utah. I have slacked on the postings since Christmas, so here I am making up for it.

You're welcome.

The scenery was beautiful as we drove into Utah. We miss you, Utah. We think you are beautiful. We could do without the millions of other people who love you as well as their cars, but maybe we can come to a compromise.

The Barn Rock. There is a little hole in the side of this rock that a rancher blasted out to use as a barn and store stuff. Pretty Sweet.
Scene from the front seat. Very sweet.

Mmmm, I forgot the name of this arch... Simon Arch? And the La Sals.

The Arches Boulders, right north of the entrance to Arches National Park.
Some of the beautiful scenery between Moab and Price. Usually the worst part of the drive, was covered in Snow and looked absolutely Antarctic.
We were listening to "Endurance" and it fit.
Another polar scene.
Polar sunset.
Look at how those usually dull cliffs gleam in the snow. It was an amazing transformation.
I love the two stripes.
Now up in Utah Valley. Bridal Veil Falls. We had to check out the ice. Three Climbers mixing it up.
There are four climbers in this photo of Stairway to Heaven. Can you see them?
Opi and Little E

Clemens and "Burkee" as little M calls her.
Maja was thrilled that she could meet "Baby Jaime" before we left.

Such cute cheeks!
Our vacation went way to fast. Next time we will take it slow and spend more time doing nothing with those we love. Not that we don't love all the friends we saw. Okay, we will schedule a lunch and if you want to see us you can come. That way you can show how much you love us! Ah ha ha ha ha (evil laugh).
We really do love you.


D. and A. Cox said...

Such great pictures. And I agree with you about Jamie - those are the cutest cheeks ever!

ML said...

What amazing scenery! Fantastic pictures. Looks like you had lots of fun.

Emily said...

Wow, beautiful pictures! You could totally make postcards. Good job!