Friday, May 07, 2010

sleep walker

Lately we have been going on hikes with Little M and Little E in the baby backpack. Little M loves 'hiking the mountain'. We started hiking in the evening so that Little M would go to sleep without a fuss (worked great), but then the temperature shot up to the 90's. Being too hot to hike in the evenings we traded it for the mornings (which helps her take naps happily). Yesterday morning we arrived home with the baby like you see above.

so cute!

We got him to his bed and he continued his nap in peace.


Jamie Jo said...

Where did you get that carrier? It looks awesome, and I've been looking around for one. Any suggestions or tips on what works well? The one you have looks so comfy, I want to take a nap in it. :)

Jamie Jo said...

Susanna, I meant to thank you for the answer on my blog. I still don't own one of these, but I'll keep your tips in mind while I continue the search. Hope NM is treating you well!