Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh yes, thankyou!

Thanksgiving this year was a little sad. Well IT wasn't sad, I was sad. I miss my family terribly, and knowing that I won't see any of them for this holiday or the one to come (plus a little added female hormone) made me literally cry.

Since Clemens had to work, we had a Thanksgiving Brunch before he had to leave. It was a tasty Thanksgiving Turkey Sausage Stuffing Strata. Pretty much my own creation, inspired by many hours of searching for recipes on the internet. Oh, it was gluten free too. Udi's and Darn Good Bread ( a local company here in Las Cruces) make very good gluten free bread.

This afternoon my project has been to make a pumpkin pie. I never knew cooking could be so difficult until I had two little birdies at my ankles whenever the urge to cook something good comes. I started with them before dinner, and since the pastry had to rest, I finished it after the babies were down for the night.

Let me tell you, this is the BEST pie crust I have ever made. I had a little left over from rolling it out and popped it into the oven while the crust rested (again). Out it came and in a flash it was gone. Mmmmmm, so good. Who knew gluten free flours could make a pastry soooooo good.

In case you want the recipe, here it is. I adapted it from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. Ih fact, since I am lazy, I will refer you to their instructions on how to make it.

2 oz. coconut flour

2 oz. corn flour

2 oz. potato starch

3 oz. sweet rice flour

1 teaspoon (plus a little) xanthan gum

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 oz. butter

2 oz. coconut oil

2 oz. shortening (I use expeller pressed palm oil)

3 oz. (1/2 cup + ) water

It is beautiful.


Mumsy said...

I am so proud of you in your experimentation into the gluten-free world. I should do I sit here with my bloated gut wishing I hadn't eaten my pie crust made with good old flour.

We are plotting how to get to your place for Christmas.....hmmmmmmm

Mumsy said...

And I bought 2 gluten-free cake mixes at Bel Air on Tuesday. That's progress.....

Erin said...

sorry you were sad & missing your family. i know how that can be. love you. your thankgiving yummies sound delicious! and how come you're doing so much gluten free?? allergies??