Saturday, June 23, 2007

Utah Food Co-op

We are now at home in our apartment in Midvale. Suzanna enjoys driving only 10 min to work, and Clemens enjoys a four block bike ride to work (lucky...) Clemens is working at URS Corporation as the "Geologist Intern" which he thinks is slang for- sit in the cubicle all day long, with a SLIGHT possibility of helping with some cool project. He is handling it well, and working on other motivating projects. Suzanna is the lead designer for All States Landscaping ( in Draper. When not at work, we are- can you guess? In the canyons bouldering or hiking. But this is not what this post is about. This post is about the Utah Food Co-op that we joined this month!
The food co-op is a grassroots branch of the Crossroads Urban Center of Salt Lake City
It is a grassroots, volunteer-powered, nonprofit food buying network, bringing people together for food, community & savings of up to 50% on high-quality fresh foods.

What are the Co-op’s goals? To provide a way for people of all backgrounds and incomes to work together for a common good while saving money on groceries. Those who need the help the most - particularly the working poor, people with disabilities, and seniors on limited incomes - will benefi t the most, and those who need the help the least will still be making a positive social impact with their grocery dollars and volunteer time. How does it work? Each month, members preorder their groceries (see form on reverse). You can order as many shares as you like, and how often you place an order is up to you. Next, the Co-op buys the food from local and national producers and wholesalers, which is delivered to our Salt Lake City warehouse. Then, on distribution day (generally the third or fourth Saturday of every month - see calendar to the right) a network of volunteers helps distribute the food to locations along the Wasatch Front where you can pick up your order. These locations, known as "host/team sites," may be your local church, school, or community center.

Check out the website at
All that they ask is that in exchange for being a part of this great co-op is that you volunteer 2 hours of your time each month somewhere in your community (or the co-op, since it is run by volunteers)
Suzanna volunteered last week at the monthly 'bagging party'. She loved hanging out with awesome idealistic green people! We know that through service and working together we can help lots of people get what they need.

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