Monday, December 17, 2007

Partay Weekend

This weekend we were invited to 5 different Christmas parties. Who knew once you hit a certain age and get married (i.e. no longer go home straight after finals are over) you would get invited to so many shindigs. Clemens made me narrow it down to two. So on Friday we went to Amanda and Erica's co-hosted formal appetizer and dessert party, then left straightway to pick up Burklie, who spent the weekend with us again. On Saturday we had a Clemens style party where we took Burklie ice-climbing for the first time (pictures to post later). I realized with the growing belly that I don't exactly have abdominal muscles anymore. Makes climbing hard. That night we went to the Sadler's Christmas Party in Pleasant Grove at the house they just bought. Burklie loved it, even with no other kids there (a few babies though). There were laughs all around. Getting a free pound of see's candy didn't hurt her mood either. She didn't want to leave. Overall the weekend was a success. YAY for Christmas Time!

My sister 'tagged' me to write 7 random facts about myself, here they are in no particular order:

1. I am the most sensitive person I know
2. I lived in London for 3 months
3. Served in Brazil for 20 months
4. I think I am having a boy (i'll let you know if that feeling changes)
5. Sushi is my favorite food
6. I still want to be an artist when I grow up
7. I miss my family SOOOO MUCH!!

This is my favorite new picture of my niece and nephew, Samantha and Henry Tingey.


Ruth said...

Random places you have lived....Folsom, CA; Yuba City, CA; North Ogden, UT; Truckee, CA; Visalia, CA; Portland, OR; Provo, UT; London; Brazil; Logan, UT; SLC, UT
Random jobs you have had: candy sales, courtesy clerk at Safeway, cart person/cashier at TahoeDonner golfcourse, lifeguard, Nursery Internships in Visalia and Portland, sushi waitress, nursery sales in Truckee,.....what else?

Just a few things from MOM

Der SID said...

its a boy! will you name him Slavomir. I feel like thats a hard core adventurist name. Maybe Alexander SUpertramp Haltern?