Monday, January 14, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our Christmas went off without a hitch. It was great to have 2 weeks off from work and to see family and just hang out (and go ice climbing).

In fact, we went ice climbing twice during those two weeks, hiked up Ferguson Canyon and played in the snow.

On Christmas eve we had dinner at Allie's house with her in-laws, my Dad and Grandparents, Dave and Anna, Heidi, Karen and their spouses. After a mad present openining session we took off and spent a quiet evening at Clemens parents' house with Barbara, Hagen, Anna, Chris, and the ever-more boisterous Scout. I must say that everyone's generosity really overwhelmed me. I think the only thing I need for my kitchen now is a Kitchenaid... and I can be pretty patient for that, it is on the same list as the Serger sowing machine and the oriental rug. Thank you to everyone!

New Years was a quiet evening that we spent eating enchiladas and watching a movie. Our good deed of the night involved taking back the 3 shopping carts our neighbor, who just got a heart transplant, had stashed in front of his house.

Bright and early New Years day we went to Battlecreek Canyon for some ice climbing (as pictured above). I didn't actually climb. The growing belly is becoming prohibitive, but I hiked up, took some pictures for our website, and hiked down.

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Brad and Vanessa Tingey said...

I'm glad that you got things that you needed! It sounds like Christmas went pretty well!