Thursday, April 03, 2008

a few random things.

Clemens was SUPER excited that it was warm last week. We (me, Clemens, and Mike) went out once and they went out again a couple days later.

This is what I was doing. I played with the camera!


This past week Anna and Chris took us out to dinner at Pizzaria Seven Twelve, a great new place in Orem. Even Clemens was overwhelmingly pleased with the quality and taste (he even agreed to go back sometime!). I like the fact that they use sustainable, local products when they are available- I think it makes everything taste better.

Happy Birthday to Hagen (2nd) and Allie (4th) this week!

For my Primary lesson on Sunday we talked about prophets and the restoration, and I made "My General Conference Report" booklets for all of the kids. It has spaces for them to draw a picture of the speaker (or topic) and write down what they spoke about. I personally liked them a lot. If you want a copy I can send you the file. ;)

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Melanie said...

That bouldering looks fantastic! We will have to go together once you are feeling normal post-pregnancy. ONly one more month to wait!