Friday, October 10, 2008

Home to Fall

I was so wonderfully surprized by the snow on Mt. Timp when we arrived back to Utah this week! It smells like the mountains and it feels like Fall! I am so happy!

I will post pictures of the trip when my Mom sends me my converter for my camera (hint, hint).

I am inviting everyone over on Tuesday the 14th for a Grape Harvesting Tea Party. My mother-in-law has more grapes than she will can this year, so come over in the afternoon (between noon and 4 if possible). Email me or call if you need directions.


Mumsy said...

So sorry. Your converter hit the mail a few days ago. If you didn't get it Saturday, you may have to wait until Tues....Monday is Columbus Dad, I think....and no mail??? So sorry, it sat on the lamp table for so long it began to be a permanent fixture to the house. I have a few more things to send you....hopefully, I will get them in the mail soon.

Orange Juice said...

I wanted to come so bad yesterday. I accidentally got myself into babysitting a little girl...So my day was CRAZY!! But, I would still like to come if there are still grapes left...or even come and play with you and Maja. love you. ps. My cell is gone...I cannot find it. so either call Chad's or email me. love you