Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy 8 month anniversary!

Maja is 8 months old today.

Her favorite things are her "First 100 Words" Big Book, Rocks, Food, Daddy playing guitar, picking out her own stuffed animals from the dresser, paper, going on walks, being in her baby backpack, other babies, doggies, pulling her socks off and the angel advent calender.

Things she doesn't like; putting her arms in her sleeves, taking her arms out of her sleeves, taking naps when she isn't tired, and... well, that might just be it- no, she doesn't like it when she want's your attention and you are busy.


Amanda said...

Those pictures make me ache for the outside and fun little babies that sit still and like to be carried in backpacks on walks. I ate my yogurt last night, but being sick in the nasty cold is not helping me recover when all I want is to play outside. Uh oh, the crayons are out. Must go.

Anna said...

I love those pictures! She is such a happy girl. You are really lucky!