Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Las Cruces Finds

Before I begin, I must mention that Maja slept through the night!-almost- but she only woke up once, I checked on her and she fell back to sleep again. HURRAY! What a difference a night makes, maybe tomorrow she will sleep through the night and I won't wake up 3 times wondering if she is okay..... being a mom- 'aint it great?

Today I got the car, which means that Maja and I have been able to explore our surroundings a little more and run errands. So, after her morning nap, we took off to find a bike shop. The one listed in the phone book, that I knew how to get to, wasn't there... So we went to the Wednesday Farmers Market, which is more of a Craft Market in the winter, but it is downtown on Main Street and I thought we should check it out.
When we drove by, the only reason that I stopped was that I saw a Quilt Shop. I have been wanting to sew again, and I don't really want to go to JoAnn's for all of my fabric. I want cute boutique stuff, so we parked and put Maja in her backpack carrier.
The quilt store was WONDERFUL. They didn't have the Heather Bailey fabric that I want, but I may make a suggestion. They did, however, have the Amy Butler fabric I was looking for, and are even having a beginners quilting class this month. I may have to attend.
In the booths of the Market there was the a Midwife and Herbalist, Katia LeMone, who was selling herbs, teas and tinctures. I talked to her for a while, she is a good person to know here.
The other WONDERFUL booth was New Mexico Soap. I was hoping I could find some good handmade soaps to use. I do not like commercial 'moisturizing soap'- it leaves horrible residue and soap scum. And if I don't like cleaning all that much, I REALLY don't like scrubbing soap scum. (and they are cheaper here than they are online- only $2.50 a bar!).
We also found a HUGE used book store. I thought Hagen would be very happy about that. We then asked directions to a Cycle shop and got a patch kit for my jogging stroller tire- yes, there are pucture vines here too. We got home just as Maja was being lulled to sleep in the car.


Anna said...

Doesn't a good night's sleep make you feel like a new person? That's awesome!!! Sounds like you found some cool stuff. I would love to find a quilt shop like that too.

Mumsy said...

8 months old is the charm month....I always tried to have my babies sleeping thru the night by then. The hardest one was Allie as she was the first....and it hurt my feelings more than it did hers to let her put herself back to sleep! Check out JoAnn's clearance....I found fat quarters for $.50 in greens and blues. Your store may have the same on sale on their clearance aisle. I haven't been to the Yuba City farmer's market since you were here in Sept....I should go again!