Thursday, May 21, 2009

Art Show

My Father-In-Law Hagen is having a showing of his artwork "Visionism" at the Orem Public Library RIGHT NOW! It is a mixture of traditional drawing, painting, and lithography with modern computer graphic manipulation. He and his former student (and computer master) Jared Harlow are presenting these 30 pieces and will be discussing them tonight at 7 pm. in the north wing of the Orem Library. The show runs until June 19th.

His website is
There are a few articles about it in the local papers.

May 7, 2009

Visionism: The Art of Hagen Haltern and Jared Harlow
Orem Library hosts new Orem Arts Council Member
May 7, 2009--Orem, Utah--Orem artist Hagen Haltern, recent addition to the Orem Arts Council, will present a program about his work and artistic views Thursday, May 21, in the Orem Library Storytelling Wing at 7 p.m. The presentation, part of the Orem Arts Council Presents series, will highlight a display of works by Haltern and fellow artist Jared Harlow, which will be on display in the Library’s north wing from now until June 19. The series of works, entitled “Visionism,” contains 31 pieces, each of which began as a drawing, a collage, a photograph or a lithograph,but expanded into vibrant, detailed compositions through computer graphic manipulation.
“An artist works with imaginative vision - a sense of composition and principles of art such as color, shapes, lines, points, planes,”Haltern said. “You start with something small and it ignites your imagination to build on it.”
Haltern, who began teaching at Brigham Young University in 1977 after studying art in his homeland of Germany, was initially unfamiliar with the capabilities of graphic manipulation. A former student, Jared Harlow, showed him the extent of the computer’s abilities, and the two teamed up to create the “Visionism” collection. The collection was inspired by an address to BYU faculty and staff in 1967 by former president of the LDS church Spencer W. Kimball - “catch the total vision of our potential and dream dreams and see visions of the future” - as well by previous generations of artists, philosophers, theologians and astronauts. Studying and searching brought Haltern to his own artistic style and philosophy, appropriately titled“Visionism.”
In early 2009, Haltern received an invitation to join the Orem Arts Council, which he subsequently accepted. In this position, Haltern will help to promote the arts in Orem, giving arts groups and individuals agreater chance to display their talents, and connecting and enriching the public through the arts.
For more information about “Visionism” and the artists behind this collection, visit For information about the Orem ArtsCouncil and arts events in Orem, visit

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