Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Guarana {via Flicker}
When I was on my mission in Brazil, I really confused one of my companions. I have this little habit of swirling my drinks (especially soda) when I am drinking them. Soda especially, because I really don't like carbonation, and swirling lets the carbonation out. I never really noticed that I did this until right before I came home. I guess I did it all the time, because my companion, Jen, who had just been in Brazil for a few months stopped me one day and asked me if there was something wrong with the drinks here in Brazil. I was totally surprised, "Wrong? No, why do think anything is wrong?". Well, it was because she had noticed that I swirl my drinks all the time and she thought something was wrong with them. Opa!
I'm a swirler.

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Emily said...

I remember you doing that! :) Ahhh, that guarana looks SO good!