Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Yesterday, to celebrate Memorial Day, we went on a hike to Dripping Springs State Park. It was a 3 mile hike that made me feel very pregnant. It is South East of Las Cruces down University Ave. (WAY down University Ave.) There is also an old "Sanitorium" (AKA, tuburculosis camp), and an old resort from the 1800's. It would be a great place for a modern resort, the rock faces are gorgeous once you get into the little valley.

The hike in, resting for a drink under a big juniper.

The view down to the Mesilla Valley and La Cueva (the rock formation).

Cool rock faces.
Maja got out of her carrier and wanted to run everywhere, but we didn't bring her shoes (it was too hot!)
Daddy and Maja
The spring that comes out of a rock. The rock containment (now filled in) was built at the time of the resort as a resevoir. The water falls down the top rock face into the reservoir area then trickles down below.
Maja hypnotized by the water.
After our Hike we joined a couple families in our ward for a BBQ, it was a great day with LOTS of sun and lots of fun.


Anna said...

How fun! Maja looks like such a great explorer.

Mumsy said...

What a great day! You are all troopers in my opinion to get out and hike like that! Love you guys!