Saturday, April 21, 2012

While in the throws of a full day tantrum I had a breakthrough in a design for our yard, and I must say it is about time.  With Britta now 6 months old I am finally having enough energy to have creative spurts, because my darling, it takes energy to get such inspiration.  Now I just need a few moments to actually draw it up.  May be I will ask my artist neighbor to borrow her studio for an hour or two on Clemen's day off.

We love our neighbor.  She is 82 years old, and one of the busiest women I know.  She works for the Community Health Services as a mental health coach.  She teaches Art Therapy and Creative Writing to elderly and at the battered women's shelter and at the library.  She also spends a few days a week with Dougla-Prieta Works, a community development program in one of Agua Prieta's poor neighborhoods teaching gardening in a community garden,  establishing a sewing guild, and carpentry shop.

Oh, and she is a Quaker.  In fact most all our neighbors out here are.   Imagine that.  I didn't realize there were still Quakers.  Silly me.


kimi + joe said...

I didn't realize there were still Quakers either :)

Hopefully you can get in her studio and get some creative juices flowing as I'm excited to see the finished product!

Suzanna H. said...

Thanks Kim! I am excited too! (PS I need you to add me to your follower list, I can't see your blog anymore!)

C. said...

Your neighbor sounds so cool! And I'm also excited to see the yard design!

Anna said...

We have quite a few Quakers in town too! Have fun with the yard design. So hard to find the time as a mom, but it definitely feels good to do something creative.