Friday, June 15, 2012


In perusing various cooking blogs, specifically budget cooking blogs, I am amazed- AMAZED, maybe shocked and amazed, at how much meat people eat.  It has to take up a major portion of both lunch and dinner. Really?  People really eat like this?

The price is a major factor for us, local free range eggs do not cost $1 a dozen, neither does local grass fed beef  or chicken.  Mmmm chicken, maybe we need a splurge.

Hats at Bisbee Farmers Market

We are far from being vegan, but sheesh people.  If this is eating meat sparingly than I don't want to see excess.

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Christina said...

Isn't it amazing how much meat costs? We eat it pretty sparingly (maybe 3 times per week, sometimes less) and it's still a large part of our food budget. Not to mention, I wish we could even get nasty eggs for $1/dozen. It runs 2.50 or more here for the store-brand icky ones!