Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I made a happy realization this week.

I love the transitional seasons.

As I was perusing the farmers market on Saturday up in Bisbee, I was fighting the temptation to load up on winter squash and pumpkins.  I bought a watermelon in stead.  Forcing myself to prolong the summer food in my home.

Today I gave in.  I had OnGuard in the diffuser (baby is sick), which smells of cinnamon and clove.  I had bone broth on the stove, into which I had thrown a chile pepper.  My daughter asked me to make her soup, so I chopped carrots, yellow squash, leeks, onion, garlic, chard, and green pepper.  I threw in some frozen corn too.

I love roasted vegetables, which speak autumn to me.  Soups, cool weather and tea.  I try to pretend it feels like fall by turning down my thermostat ;) Trying to convince myself it isn't really 90 degrees outside. At least we have been getting some rain lately. It is lovely and green outside.

I love seeing the sun move in the sky.  The days growing shorter, the sun rising and setting more southward each day ( I miss so many summer sun rises because they just seem to come too early).  The daylight shifting.  It isn't so intense here in the desert anymore.  I love the subtle changes, the way it happens the same each year.

I love the transitional seasons. Spring and Autumn. They are my favorites.

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