Wednesday, September 05, 2012


so. I know many of you have been worried about me.  Thank you for your worry.  It makes me feel important, loved.       I decided that I needed to go to our local Chiropractor/ holistic health doctor.  They do a full body analysis, which they let you know the results of a week later (two in my case since their printer wasn't working).   And after that you get to go see the massage therapist (for an hour) before your adjustments.  Well, my posture is that of a 9 month pregnant woman (imagine that...).  When I went to the massage therapist she got to my shoulders and head and said, "wow! you are really tight, I bet you get headaches all the time!"  Uh, yeah.  Needless to say, getting a massage and adjustment every other week does a body (and mind) well.  I still get headaches occasionally, but I can tell that they are for the most part stress related.


kimi + joe said...

I'm glad for an update. Hope those massages keep helping and that you're running on all cylinders soon!

Christina said...

So, so glad to hear you have found some solutions. I hope they keep working and you get everything feeling perfect soon!

Tasha said...

As one who is definitely familiar with the feeling like crap thing, I totally empathize. I am sending you good vibes and encourage you to seek out self-care time (I know, almost impossible as a mom).

Also, when I started getting migraines that were blinding - not only was it attributed to stress but I also did have a medical issue (hence one of my many surgeries) and I feel almost as good as new in that realm. Not suggesting you have the same or even similar issue, but I support you on your journey in seeking medical support - holistic or otherwise.

sending love your way!