Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Tomorrow is Saint Nikolaus Day (or Nicholas), or Nikolaustag. (oh, joy for cheesy gif's)

This is a holiday celebrated in various ways throughout Europe.
Actually, it is celebrated in various ways throughout Germany.

On the eve of December 5th, Saint Nikolaus comes (in many instances with his demon, Knecht Ruprecht) to make sure the children are being kind, patient, honest and good.  
If they are he leaves them gifts in their shoes, which they place outside their door.  If they have not been good, he leaves them with a switch for them to be beaten with.  

In the consumer craze that is the holiday season, I love having this 'Father Christmas', or 'Sinterklaas' come at the beginning of the month and let Christmas Eve be about celebrating Christ's birth, and not waiting for Santa to bring presents.

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