Wednesday, May 28, 2014

life in the desert

Springtime is in full force here in Southern Arizona.  My plants started springing up back in March, and how have been used as a first, second and third course meal by the local rabbit population.  It makes me sad (frustrated, angry, hopeless) when my beautiful little plants start growing, just to have disappeared a few days later. I think I need a dog.

I know this course will end when the rains start.  July 4th is the date set by the local folklore.  Hopefully with this being dubbed an El Nino year, it will start early, my vote is June 1st.  Once the rains start the local vegetation will finally start to really flourish, and my plants will be safe, that is until grasshopper season.  I think I need chickens.

Clemens needed some horse practice, so we have been borrowing our neighbors horse, India, and riding each week.  He was also able to take a riding lesson with Bill Black at Cross 9 Ranch. He was able to ride an awesome horse who is worth $20,000.  A beautiful palomino that is absolutely push button.  Bill is an awesome instructor, very intuitive and gentle with his horses and with people. I think I need a horse.

So our slow life in our little round house continues.  Can I tell you how I love having a slow life?  I recognized last night in talking to our new Bishops wife how having a slow life has to be a deliberate choice in our crazy fast paced world.  Our days have been shortened by all the choices of things there are to do.  Sure I can have my kids in swim lessons, soccer teams, softball/t ball teams, summer camp, dance class, etc, but what would our lives be like?  Would my kids get the emotional connection that they need each day?  Would they learn the value of watching things grow, of reading together, of family?  Maybe.  But it would be harder for me to teach them these things when they are never around, plus, when I am stressed out from running around all the time I am not as good of a mom.  I am not as patient, loving or relaxed.  I want to be a good mom, so I will go and play with my kids.

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Christina said...

Love it. I want a slow life so badly. Someday, someday...